Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why the Kindle Fire can't hold a candle to the iPad

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@dheady@... on the way iPad is a superior experience, overall versus the Kindle Fire.

But jaypeg, your last paragraph is somewhat misguided:

" ... The future is no longer about 'devices'. The sexy hardware era is over, the flat buttonless tablet is here. It can be anything because software and content is now the name of the game. "

If you're talking about tablet computing overtaking / annexing / supplanting the PC, then that is disingenuous to say the least. Show us any corporation that will turf out productivity machines (i.e. workstations) and replace them with tablets ... and i'll show you an honest, trustworthy politician.

Now, you'd have had half a point if you were limiting yourself to discussing non-enterprise / non-business users (i.e. general public) - but even then, there is a huge segment of the populace that would only part with their desktop / notebooks over their cold, dead bodies.

Tablets are a niche-filling product: that is, they fill a usage void (in some people's minds) between smartphones and notebooks - since the operative concept is 'mobility computing'. To that end, they perform that role swimmingly well. But that is the logical extent to which they can realistically meet business requirements for the majority of businesses / corporates / enterprises / educational institutes. (Hint: check usage statistics for Windows in business and educational institutions).

I will admit, it's correct to say tablet / mobile computing has an increasingly important "value-add" role to play in future computing ... but it's borderline certifiable to suggest tablets could displace enterprise-ready, desktop productivity computing systems.


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