Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creating highly-redundant, low-cost Mac servers with Lion Server and Mac minis

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Yeah, but I couldn't count on them to run for 8 years.

Nor could I expect one built in 2005 to have a power consumption of 15-30 watts, depending on load. And know that if/when I replace it then the power consumption will be even lower.

Yeah I can waste my time cobbling something together, but why not use a well built and efficient machine, rather than trying to pinch intellectual property to save a short term buck, whilst throwing many more bucks at your power utility?

I am currently looking at power use here, to that end I have a power meter on my Mac Mini as I thought it might account for a slab of our base load, as I have found out it is using next to none of it.

I had previously retired 2 Mac G4 towers from around 2000, purely to reduce baseload, as they were running perfectly. I sold one as a working unit, and the other has replaced a friend's Core Duo PC, the 450MHz G4 tower works better.

So why anyone would bother with lower quality hardware running an OS they have stolen is beyond me. Yes STOLEN!!!

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