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He called Apple television five years ago, but it is a good idea?

By Jason D. O'Grady | October 25, 2011, 7: 18 pm PDT

Summary: has emerged the mythical Apple TV! A passage in the biography of Steve Jobs's Walter Isaacson has resurrected an old dinosaur of a rumor that I first broke in 2006.

I called the Apple Television five years ago, but is it a good idea? Jason O'Grady

There has been an increase in the rumors about the mythical Apple TV recently and a passage in the new biography of Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs has risen that old dinosaur of a rumor. In the work of the book told his biographer that he had cracked the mystery the saying of "integrated television":

I would like to create an integrated TV is completely easy to use. It could be perfectly synchronized with all devices and with iCloud. You will have the user interface more simple that you could imagine. He had finally cracked.

Jason Calacanis told CNet UK in October 2008 that "I knew first-hand that Apple was working on a television network." But more than two years before (January 06, 2006) he wrote about the PowerPage about how Apple could launch a television at the Macworld Expo 2006.

I wrote this post based on the edge of a nearby spring which had been reliable in the past. Of course the Apple TV fails published in MW06 (Apple released a Core Duo iMac and MBP15) but my contact was pretty sure about it.

Also, it is obviously not out yet, so saying "Call Me" could be a tad premature.

Analyst of Piper Jaffray Gene Munster has been beating the drum of the Apple TV a few months ago and recently wrote in a research note you can get to late 2012 or early 2013:

Service of Apple iCloud for storing media simplifies the own several Apple devices and share content between them. stores iCloud programs of television and photographs, but believe that Apple can add films. While a solution of TV in alive along with shows previously transmitted "recorded" in the cloud continues being an obstacle important, perhaps this code is precisely what believed positions of work has been "cracked. We also believe that Apple could use Siri, its voice recognition, technology of personal assistant to strengthen its offer of TV and make it easy to enter information like show titles or names of actor in a TV (usually with a remote control).

Bloomberg added fuel to the fire when reported Jeff Robbin Apple - the fame of the iPod and iTunes Music Store, is heading an effort to internal Apple TV. It seems that this story may have legs after all, five years later.

I called the Apple Television five years ago, but is it a good idea? Jason O'Grady

Despite getting an early point in a plasma of Apple, I don't think that it is a good move for the company. They simply don't want to have to remove a 50-my wall 60? TV when I want to upgrade in a year or two. It is better to have the smarts in an easily updatable table - which is for the current Apple TV.

I called the Apple Television five years ago, but is it a good idea? Jason O'Grady

I suppose that Apple could solve the problem through the construction of the "television" in a card that can be inserted into a slot on television (a bit like a CableCard, above), but it is a stretch at best.

Also, Apple already has a TV. Is called the iMac.

I called the Apple Television five years ago, but is it a good idea? Jason O'Grady

Is an Apple TV a good idea or bad idea?

Scale model of the Apple TV:, firing of CableCard: ArsTechnica

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