Friday, December 16, 2011

Five reasons why I won't be buying an iPhone 4S

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@toddybottom The iPhone 3GS isn't a very good phone?

I love mine! Bog standard 16Gb model, handset replaced once under AppleCare due to dust ingress - no quibble, they just did it. I've never dropped a call (to be fair, ymmv on that count) and it has been rock solid. It will take iOS5 (although I expect some slowdown possibly).

I'm probably going to upgrade to the 4S at some point, but when the new handset didn't appear in the summer, I spent the money instead on an iPad 2. Which I also love. wink

But who knows? I like the style - new hardware platform (3G, 4) and then a performance boosted version with a sprinkling of extra features (3GS, 4S) as the next handset.

What is incredible is that the 3GS is still being updated with the newest OS for the device, whereas my wife's SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro, purchased a few months after my 3GS, received one update to an already outdated Android release and then nothing more. THAT is planned obsolescence - hackers have proved that you can fit up to 2.3 on it, but SE refuse to update past 2.1, and if you want the SE software that makes the small form factor screen possible to work with, you can't root and update the phone.

Whereas my lovely 3GS is going to get a feature bump when I get home tonight grin

Oh, btw, I do hope Siri crops up on the iPad 2 at some point. I know it won't, but it would make sense to have it "iClouded".

"Siri, please reschedule that meeting and send to my iPhone."

"I'm afraid I can't do that Dave..."


Actually, maybe not...

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